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Most of us enter married life without the skills we need to navigate the challenges of working and living with another person. We know that a spouse isn’t exactly a roommate, but we don’t know how to negotiate daily life. We often fall back on the example our parents gave us. And so we recreate an old pattern that may not be right for us. (for more on this scenario, please read my post, The First Year.)

That’s why I am excited to offer couple counseling for couples before and after marriage. If you’re finding some rougher areas in your relationship, that doesn’t mean you have picked the wrong mate – it just means you’re both human! Oftentimes, a few sessions focused on skills like communications and conflict management is all that a couple needs to get themselves back on track.

The Prepare/Enrich Program was amazing. It showed us exactly what was going on in our relationship. And Rev. Bill  had so many ideas to help us grow! We highly recommend Prepare/Enrich! – KS and TM, Chicago

Book  a no-obligation consultation to determine if couples counseling is right for you.

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I meet with couples either in person at my downtown Chicago office or online via Skype or phone. A typical session is one hour. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to talk about your issues with another person present. And if you’re wondering if a Skype session could really work for you, I will share that my experience is that it works very well.  And Skype has the added advantage of allowing you to meet from your home, rather than having to travel.

For some couples, I recommend the Prepare/Enrich program. Prepare/Enrich is a powerful assessment and skill-building program that helps couples learn how to skillfully  navigate challenges like conflict resolution, finances, and communications. The process will identify your strengths as a couple, and suggest where your greatest challenges will lie. The program also offers exercises you can use to strengthen your skills in your weaker areas. It is a powerful program for any couple, married or not, and I encourage you to consider making it part of your wedding preparation.

The Prepare/Enrich Program

Celebrating as they walk down the aisle, husband and wife!

Enter your marriage with clarity, awareness, and new skills. Make the Prepare/Enrich process part of your wedding package. You will complete the comprehensive Prepare/Enrich assessment, which identifies your strengths and growing edges as a couple, then meet to discuss the results, learn skill-building exercises, and work together to strengthen your relationship!

Prepare/Enrich Packages:
Basic Program: The Prepare/Enrich Assessment plus two one-hour coaching sessions, $325. We will discuss the results of your assessment, building your awareness of your key strengths and growing edges and laying a stronger basis for a deepening relationship.

Intermediate Program: The P/E Assessment plus four one-hour coaching sessions, $525. We will discuss the results of your assessment in detail, building your awareness of your relationship dynamics and building skills in 1-2 key areas, changing your relationship dynamics.
Adventurer’s Program: The P/E Assessment plus six one-hour sessions, $725. We will discuss your assessment results in detail, helping you understand and respond to your relationship dynamics. In addition, you will complete 3-4 skill-building exercises, creating a strong basis for lasting growth in your relationship.
The Total Package: The P/E Assessment plus eight one-hour sessions, $925. You’ll come away with a greatly expanded awareness of yourself, your partner, and the dynamics you create in your relationship. You’ll practice 5-6 skill-building exercises and begin implementing new behaviors in your relationship that will create a lasting shift in your relationship dynamics.

Additional one-hour sessions may be added to any of these packages for $125/each.

Schedule a 30 minute no-obligation exploration session to help you determine if couples counseling is for you. These sessions are offered via Zoom.

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