About me

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I am a life-long spiritual seeker who has studied the great spiritual traditions for many years. I bring my experience with sacred rituals and practices from around the world to my services as a wedding minister. I am comfortable among Christian mystics, new age seekers, Buddhist monks, and people who feel spiritual but not religious. I believe that the Ultimate Reality cannot be captured in words, no matter how beautiful. And so while I use beautiful words and symbols in my weddings and ceremonies, I also recognize that they point at an underlying Mystery that is beyond us to fully grasp. Ritual is a great way to experience this Great Mystery of Life beyond words and I am honored to lead weddings and other sacred ceremonies which open us up to direct experiences of the Love that unites us.

Education and Ordination

I earned a BS in Biology from Dickinson College and a PhD in biological chemistry from the University of Michigan. I have worked as a research biochemist, professor, faculty coach and Director of centers for learning and teaching. I’ve taken classes at the Chicago Theological Seminary and the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago, where I studied spiritual direction. I received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction in 2005. I am currently studying to be a teacher in the Trillium Awakening path to embodied awakening.

I am ordained by both the Church of Seven Planes and the Universal Life Church. I live in Chicago, Illinois, with my wife of 16 years, Claire, two blocks from Lake Michigan.

I hope you will contact me today to schedule a no-obligations meeting!

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