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I create beautiful, unique weddings to celebrate the great moments of your life. To learn more about my couples, I schedule planning meetings so that we can talk and get to know each other. In these meetings, we discuss your religious and spiritual beliefs, your preferences for your ceremony, and the many options you have for creating a beautiful wedding. (more about Rev. Bill)

Here are my answers to some of the most common questions. If your question is not answered here, please visit my “contact” page to submit your question.

Q: My partner and I are spiritual, but we are not really religious. What kind of wedding would you recommend for us?

A: There are many options for you, such as using favorite poems and readings of yours to make a contemporary service that is free of traditional religious language. I will share a basic contemporary service with you and then I’ll work with you to modify it to suit your beliefs and preferences.

Q: I grew up Catholic, but now I am more Buddhist than anything. Can you create a service that incorporates elements of the two traditions?
A: Absolutely. More and more people are creating blended ceremonies that reflect and honor the traditions they grew up in and their current spiritual interests.

Q:  My fiancé and I are interested in a service without spiritual or religious language. We are not really religious or spiritual. Can you work with us?
A: Yes, I would work with you to create a service that reflects your love of nature. Incorporating flowers, beautiful images, and poems that celebrate nature are all possibilities to discuss.

Q:  We want a beautiful traditional Christian wedding. Is this something that you offer?
A: Yes, I do more traditional Christian services than any other type.

Q:  Do you offer pre-marriage counseling?
A: Yes, I offer the Prepare/Engage program, an excellent way for couples to build relationship skills before (or after) marrying. I offer a full range of couples coaching services to help people work through any difficulties that may arise in their marriage. (read The First Year for more on this)

Q:  I am a choreographer and I’d like to include dance in my wedding. Can you work with me?
A: Yes, of course. These days, more and more people are getting creative with their weddings. I’m happy to help you design a ceremony that includes beautiful creative expressions.

Q: We want to have our wedding in the Caribbean or Mexico. Do you do “destination weddings?”
A: Yes, but please note that there are additional fees, and sometimes legal complexities, for destination weddings.

Q: Do you recommend a rehearsal if our ceremony is going to be simple and small?
A: Good question. This is something to really think about. If your ceremony is going to be simple and straightforward, then you might not need a rehearsal. If involves a large number of people, then rehearsing ahead of time is one of the best ways to ensure that everything will go as planned so you and your guests can fully enjoy the service.

Q: Can you help us design our ceremony and write our vows? We don’t know where to start!
A: Yes, I send all my couples an extensive collection of sample vows, readings, and other materials to help them create a perfect ceremony.

Q: My fiancé and I cannot be married legally in our home state. Do you perform commitment ceremonies?
A: Yes, I perform “commitment ceremonies” for domestic partnerships as well as same-sex weddings and elopements.

Q: My husband/wife and I were legally married in the courthouse but now want a formal wedding. Can you perform a wedding ceremony even though we are already married?
A: Yes!

Q: We want to renew our vows this year, but we have no idea how to do this. What do you suggest?
A: I would be happy to meet with you to discuss what kind of ceremony you want and to find the perfect words of renewal for your service.

Q: We do not belong to a church. Can you bless our new infant?
A: Yes, I can perform dedications and naming ceremonies as well as non-religious welcoming ceremonies. They are often very similar to a Baptism up to and including selecting religious readings and God-parents.

Q: Do you accept gratuities for your services?
A: Gratuities are not expected but always graciously accepted and appreciated!

Q: Do you perform funerals and memorials?
A: Yes. I do. I will work with you to create an appropriate service for your loved one.

Q: What other ceremonies do you perform?
A: I love creating new types of ceremonies. If you have an idea for something I’ve never done before, I’d love to help you turn that idea into reality. Among the services I offer are:

  • Solstice Ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Infant Blessings
  • Memorials
  • Pet Blessings
  • Pet Funerals

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